Designer’s Denn takes the spa experience to the next level with Eminence Organics body treatments. Each treatment includes a full body polish and a light massage, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated like never before! All Eminence Organics products are free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals.

Organic Body Polish

Reveal a new you with a luxurious full body exfoliation featuring the delicate scent of Pear and Green Apple, followed by a light hydrating massage that rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.

Blueberry Soy Slim Effect

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, known to increase circulation and improve the skin’s elasticity. This luxurious treatment starts with a full body polish followed by our Blueberry Soy Slimming Wrap. This is the ultimate combination for soft, supple skin.

Eminence Organic Mango Wrap

Say farewell to dull skin and tone up with our Mango Enzyme Body Therapy. The full-body experience begins with a refreshing green apple and pear scrub, preparing your skin for the Mango Enzyme body wrap. This treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and glowing!

Hungarian Herbal Detox Wrap

Melt away the tension with this thermal detoxifying wrap. A full body polish allows the Hungarian Herbal Mud to stimulate circulation and tone the skin.

Organic Hungarian Back Treatment

$85 (series of six: $425)
This fast acting treatment for the back helps to rebalance the skin’s texture, leaving it smooth and purified. Following a deep cleanse and the thermal Hungarian Mud Treatment, we perform extractions to help remove impurities. Finally, a probiotic masque finishes the treatment to purify and balance the skin. With this treatment, elasticity is increased and skin tone improved.

Safe-Tan Bronzing Treatment

An exfoliating treatment is combined with pure and natural aromatherapy balms to ease tension, relax and soothe, as well as to boost the cells and stimulate melanin production in readiness for exposure to the sun. The finishing touch is a professional application of the golden self-tan, leaving you positively glowing for any occasion.

Safe Tan Bronzing Reapplication

We recommend four additional reapplications of bronzing cream within 7-14 days to build your color to maximum depth.