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Education is the key element in the success of any great technician. Our Skill Certification Program consists of distinct levels. While prices vary in each level according to professional achievement, every Designer’s Denn Specialist is constantly improving through ongoing education.

To help facilitate our ongoing need for models in our cutting and design classes, we launched Designer’s Denn Model U in 2013.

DD Model U provides free and discounted services to models with appropriate qualifications in a professional educational setting. Models explore new styles and trends as our licensed technicians expand their knowledge and skills under the direction of our Master Educators. As a thank you, to our models, for their time commitment and openness to our educational process we offer a ten dollar rewards points bonus per completed hair modeling session.

Levels of Expertise

Junior Stylist

A newly hired junior stylist is carefully interviewed and chosen to join our team based on an alignment of their personality and value system to our culture. A passion for the industry and a thirst for ongoing advanced education are both key, along with an appreciation for a structured and professional environment.

A junior stylist level has completed cosmetology school and is licensed. After joining our team, they are immediately started in our industry-leading advanced education to learn the foundational techniques needed to do high quality work. As they are skill certified to do a haircut, a junior stylist is released on the floor to do that haircut at a reduced rate under the supervision of one of our educators. We do allow extra time, at the junior stylist level, to ensure your haircut is absolutely perfect.

Stylist Level

A stylist has successfully completed the first phase of training. Training is on a more advanced level and the focus is on personalizing each haircut. A stylist is able to work at a faster speed and more independently.

Designer Level

A designer stylist has successfully completed all basic and advanced in salon education and attends a minimum of one outside educational event a year. They also attend two advanced Bumble & bumble razor classes in New York.

Master Stylist

Master stylists are our most experienced technicians. Masters bring a wealth of knowledge and a broad portfolio of design ideas to their guests.  Bi-yearly trend training in New York keeps their skills on the cutting edge.