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Welcome to Model U!

Designer’s Denn Model U provides free and discounted services to models with appropriate qualifications in a professional educational setting. Models explore new styles and trends as our licensed technicians expand their knowledge and skills under the direction of our Master Educators.

Designer’s Denn is always on the lookout for new, dedicated models to join our team. If you are interested in becoming a Designer’s Denn Model U participant please read through the policies provided on this site and then contact our front desk team to begin the model call process.


Model Project Policies

Designer’s Denn Model U is a continuing educational process for all Designer’s Denn technicians. All modeling sessions are conducted under the expert guidance of our Master Educators. While we do ensure you will leave DD Model U with a stunning finished product, please do understand that these are indeed training sessions. Due to the educational nature of these sessions, models should be open to the learning process of our technicians and the time required to master the techniques being practiced. The following rules are in place to protect the educational process of our technicians.


Confirmation emails will be sent two weeks prior to the scheduled modeling sessions. All models must RSVP by the stated date. If a model has not confirmed by the RSVP date they will not be guaranteed a seating at the modeling session.

If a model, for some reason, does not receive the confirmation email, they must contact Designer’s Denn no later than one week prior to the date of the modeling session to confirm their attendance.

Models must confirm their reservation in order to be guaranteed a seating at the session.


Any model failing to arrive to a confirmed reservation without notifying Designer’s Denn at least one hour prior to the seating time is considered a no-show. Two no-shows will disqualify the model from the program.

Any cancellation after 24 hours is considered a late cancellation. If a model accrues three late cancellations they will be disqualified from the modeling program.

If a model has not had their hair cut at Designer’s Denn within 6 months they must have their hair reassessed at a model call.

What to Expect

Day of Reservation

  • All models must arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled seating time.
  • Models who arrive late are not guaranteed a seating.
  • Models who have not properly confirmed their reservation are not guaranteed a seating.
  • If models arrive with altered hair that does not meet the required, length, health, style or color specified for the class, they are not guaranteed a seating.
  • Models must arrive with clean, dry hair.
  • Models must be available for the full duration of the scheduled session time.
  • Small children are not permitted to accompany parents to modeling sessions.
  • Models must be at least 18 years of age.

Open Model Call

Model calls will be held from 3:30 – 4:00 pm on the 1st Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. All models interested in participating in Designer’s Denn Model U must attend a model call in order to have their hair assessed for condition, texture, length and overall appropriateness for cutting and styling classes. Attending a model call does not guarantee acceptance into the modeling program. Please understand that not all hair types are appropriate for the styles we are teaching in the class setting.

Once accepted into the program, existing models are invited to Color Call, a separate modeling call held occasionally to fill our color training needs. All color models must also be active models for our cutting and styling classes.


The cost associated with modeling services vary depending on the department and the specific services being performed. All haircut and styling modeling session are FREE. Modeling for hair color as well as spa services are offered at a discounted price. Any costs associated with modeling services will be clearly explained at the time of booking.
To be considered for DD Model U, all interested guests must attend a model call. At the model call your hair will be assessed by one of our Master Educators to determine if it is the appropriate health and texture designated for the class.

Once you have been accepted into Model U your profile will be added to our on hand models and you will be contacted as needed.

During model call, your hair will be assessed for its overall health, length and texture to determine whether it is appropriate for the styles and techniques we practice during our classes. It is the ultimate goal of DD Model U that our students and models equally benefit from the services practiced during our modeling sessions. To ensure optimal success and satisfaction it is crucial to have models with appropriate hair types.
Due to the level of experience and the techniques taught during our classes, some textures of curly hair may not be appropriate for our class setting. We do however have a number of stylists on staff who are wonderful with specialized cuts for curly hair. Our front desk would be happy to schedule a reservation for a service with one of those stylists.
There are many benefits associated with being a DD model! Besides receiving free haircuts, you also will have the opportunity to explore complimentary color services and styling sessions at times. We also have a product incentive program for our models which allows you to earn points towards product purchases.
Styling sessions are a wonderful opportunity to come in for modeling not involving any cutting of the hair. Such sessions include blow dry and styles, updos and product launches!
Yes, there are absolutely opportunities for models to participate in styling sessions without being a haircut model.
Unfortunately, we do not offer trims during modeling sessions. All models must be open to some change of style. This style will be discussed and agreed upon during the time of your consultation and booking.
Our goal is to educate our stylist on creating the best look possible for the individual, so not all models will leave with the same haircut. While the overall style and techniques may be similar each haircut will be tailored to the model individually.
The length of time can vary depending on our current needs. We will do our best to give you an approximate time frame during your consultation.
Modeling sessions for haircuts are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays during established day time class hours. Modeling for other departments such as Color and Spa services are held as needed Tuesday – Thursday.
All of our stylists are licensed, professional stylists with salon experience. These stylists are working at refining and perfecting their techniques on specific styles. All classes are supervised by a Master stylist, so you are sure to leave with a perfect haircut!
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